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Upper eyelids: One of the most frequently performed smaller interventions. Abundant upper eyelid skin, often combined with sunken brows account for a tired and even sad facial expression. Sometimes eyelids already need corrections at age 30+. The crucial point is to determine preoperatively, if there is a sunken brow. If the answer is "yes" correction is mandatory to acheive an excellent result. The brow surgery is discussed elsewhere.

Upper eyelid correction adresses to the abundancy of skin and - if present - fat in the periorbital region. Both items must be adressed during correction. The intervention is best performed in local anaesthesia as a sole procedure. In case of combination with, say a brow lifting or additional interventions in the face, general anaesthesia is advised. Abstinence from Aspirin® (Acetosalicylic acid) is mandatory two weeks before the intervention to prevent serious bruising. The intervention is performed in the Forum Klinik in Köln using microscope magnification for even more precise suturing and virtually invisible scars.

Lower eyelids: We must discern two groups of patients:

Those with baggy eyelids but firm and elastic skin may well benefit from transconjunctival surgery, supplemented by microsurgical minimally invasive techniques.This technique offers treatment without any visible scar.

Those with additional abundancy of skin may benefit from a combined approach. Additional to the removal of excessive periorbital protruding fat which gives the baggy appearance, superfluous skin must be gently removed, leaving an inconspicuous scar in the subciliary region, only laterally extending to the "crow feet".

An individual strategy must be selected, based on careful evaluation of the preop situation.

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