Breast lift

Information on Breast Lift: Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne)

Many unhappy patients complain of the loss of breast shape due to age, pregnancies and breast feeding.

We basically distinguish three groups of patients

  1. There is abundant breast tissue. No need for augmentation but only a lift is required. Various techniques apply, the least invasive being the periareolar lift for patients with little skin abundancy. More abundant skin needs more scar, at least additional to the periareolar one a vetical scar.
  2. Breast tissue has been lost (breast feeding) and there is a little skin excess due to skin relaxation after pregnancy. The patient wishes more volume (maybe as much volume as before the pregnancy) and a little firmer breast. A combination of augmentation and lifting is best performed with a periareolar approach, leaving only a inconspicuous scar around the areola.
  3. The breast is still firm but lost volume. All we need is to add volume, ideally by means of a transaxillary breast augmentation with no scar at all on the breast.

Generally speaking, the more there is a volume problem, less scaring is to be expected during breast-lift surgery.

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