Botulinumtoxin is the chemical content of VISTABEL® and BOTOX-COSMETICS® . The contents are identical.

For cosmetic use the product is VISTABEL® in Europe. Hyperhidrosis may be treated with BOTOX®, which comes in larger vials.

The most frequent wrinkle treatment today is VISTABEL® treatment. The product is precisely injected into the mimic muscle to be weakened. Exact injection and precise determination of amount and concentration of the product are mandatory for good results.The product is not dangerous: the first indications to use BOTOX® were neurological disorders in young children. Tretment of these disorders (like torticollis spasticus) was and is accomplished with amounts much larger than those used in cosmetic wrinkle treatment.

Vistabel® ist excellent for dynamic wrinkles. Some dynamic wrinkles, especially in the elder patient may have gained an additional static component (that is to say the skin lost thickness). In those cases we add a little hyaluronic acid placed into the fold two weeks after Vistabel® treatment. Two weeks is tipically the time VISTABEL® needs to have peak effect.

After injecting VISTABEL® the effect may start after some days. Peak effect is after two weeks, followed by a slow fading until normal muscle activity is restored after 3 to 4 months. Most patients want three treatments per year.

Treatment of wrinkles with VISTABEL® is effective in terms of prophylaxis, too. Once the skin is thinned out, VISTABEL® alone cannot restore beauty.

The Plastic Surgeons of the Forum-Klinik benefit from a special support program of Allergan® BOTOX® is also used for treatment of hyperhidrosis, mainly of the axillar region. It is extremely effective. Repetition is needed about once a year.

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