Nose operation

Nose surgery : Forum Klinik Köln

We are specialized in nose surgery in the FORUM KLINIK in Köln (Cologne). The nose, being the most prominent region of the face sometimes becomes the region of most prominent concern. Ideally the nose should fit beautifully into the harmony of the face and should never be conspicuous.The nose should give way to the eyes. The latter should express our personality and establish non verbal contact.

Prominent, big or boxy noses, crooked noses, noses with badly defined tips, bifid tips or other conspicuities do not fulfill this pupose. These noses literally stick out.

Our goal is to exactly analize the preop situation, externally and internally. Then a meticulous plan is made, additional help is provided by computerized graphics. Once the plan is made, the operation is prepared and performed to the highest standards. Most noses are operated in the so called open technique, which allows a much more precise tissue manipulation.

After surgery a cast is placed, changed after one week and left for another week. After two weeks the nose ist not where it will be one year later: all nose surgery takes time for the tissue to remodel . Nevertheless the corrected nose looks nicer than before and will constantly go on to improve with time.

We kindly invite you to schedule a consultancy appointment in the Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne).

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