Basically, two types of wrinkles must be discerned: Those wrinkles caused by volume deficits and sagging or continuous folding of skin are called STATIC WRINKLES. Those caused by action of the underlying mimic muscle are called DYNAMIC WRINKLES.

DYNAMIC WRINKLES that exist untreated for prolonged periods of time gain an additional STATIC COMPONENT, so that even with no action of the underlying muscle the fold is present due to a thinning of the skin.

Treatment of facial folds adresses these basic facts and therefore a careful pre-treatment analysis is the clue for effective wrinkle treatment. To make a long story short: DYNAMIC WRINKLES show excellent response to BOTOX-COSMETICS ® (VISTABEL®). STATIC WRINKLES must be filled with a carefully chosen filler. Deep volume deficits may be adressed with a filler or with fat grafts.

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