Brow lift

Forehead: Forehead and brow wrinkles are best treated with Botox-Cosmetics®. In Germany, Botox-Cosmetics® is named Vistabel®. Only in extreme cases, open surgery may be advisable. Botox treatment is efficient for treatment and prophylaxis, started early enough. In case of very deep wrinkles, additional treatment with a non permanent filler may be necessary.

Brows: Sunken brows may be accused for a sad and tired look. Most patients do not recognize the brow problem and seek our advice whilst identifying the upper eyelids as their problem. Sunken brows often combine with abundant skin of the upper eyelids. A proper pre-op examination may reveal the true nature of the problem. In many brow cases, simultaneus treatment of the upper eyelids is recommendable.

The tipical browlift treatment is endoscopical. It is a fairly quick, uninvasive procedure. We use Endotine® - Plates for fixation of the corrected brow and forehead region. The scar is exclusively placed cephalad of the hairline, between the hairs without shaving. No visual scar in the face remains, except if an open upper eyelid surgery should have been performed additionally.

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