Statistics of the clinic

The following statistics list all tipical surgical complications.

The extremely low rate of complications certainly points out our qualified surgical interventions. Nevertheless it is unfair to a certain degree to compare our excellent statistics to those of public hospitals. The latter have to deal with accidents, sick patients and infected wound care as well as multi resistant bacterial strains.Therefore public hospitals in Germany have nosocomial infection rates as high as 5.7% to 6.3%, this is more than fifty times our rate! Furthermore we do not provide training for younger surgeons, so we do not have any operation or procedure done by the less experienced trainees.

Even though the comparison is unfair to a certain degree we are proud of the excellent statisiic data. All patients have had a personal follow-up done at our clinic at least until wound healing.

Number of surgeons22344
Number of operation13211382145215531521
Delayed wound healing0.15%0.15%0,15%0,26%0,15%
Revisions due to haematoma0.30%0.58%0,30%0,32%0,30%
Other life-threatening complications0.00%0.00%0,00%0,00%0,00%

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