Baggy Eyelids

"Baggy eyelids" account for a sad and tired expression and are - falsely - related to alcohol abuse. The anatomical reason is protruding periorbital fat in the lower eyelid region. Those patients with baggy eyelids but firm and elastic skin may well benefit from transconjunctival surgery, supplemented by microsurgical minimally invasive techniques. This technique offers treatment without any visible scar.

In those cases where additional skin excess is present, open surgery of the lower lid is advised.

Sometimes "baggy eyelids" combine with a fat atrophy of the midface, well known as tear-trough deformity, forming a shadowed line starting at the lower inner eye, running from the inner eyelid to the cheek. This depression needs filling, either with a absorbable filler like hyaluronic acid or autologous fat transfer.

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