Breast augmentation by fat grafting

Fat grafting - Micro fat grafting to be precise is currently revolutionarizing the äesthetic surgery scene. Breast augmentation was spared from this field for a long time due to the bad experiences some 30 years ago with macrofat grafting. With the advent of microfatgrafting things have changed. Microfat means that the grafts are hrvested as minuscule particles, less than 1 mm in size and are randomly injected in the sucutaneous tissue of the breast, not the gland. The latter aspect is important, as we try to minimize the risk of any morphological change in the gland tissue that eventually could mimic breast cancer via developement of microcalcifications. The "take ratio" of microfat is approximately 50%. Fat that has taken, lasts forever.

What are the benefits, compared to classic breast augmentation ?

  • totally natural look and feel
  • no foreign body
  • no long time implant risks
  • long lasting result
  • excellent correction of size asymmetry possible
  • Adjunct liposuction may be beneficial 

What are the downsides of the procedure?

  • one operation can provide half a cup size increase
  • at least two operations are required for one cup increase
  • higher total cost
  • albeit best effort, microcalcifications can occur and may need biopsy to rule out cancer 

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