Face lifting

Beforehand we would like to make some comments on modern facial surgery: The process of aging leads, amongst others to a loss off tissue and skin elasticity and - more recently recognized as such - a redistribution of the fatty tissues in the face.

The latter, more recently recognized fact gives way to new and interesting approaches to the aging face. Some 100 years ago the sole weapon of plastic surgeons was the correction of skin excess. Nowadays dedicated facial plastic surgery is adressing skin, fascia and fatty tissue. Restoring lost fat by fat grafting or by the use of a filler in the midface and teartrough region, liposuction of fat excess in the jowl region, resection of baggy eyelid- fat adds up to a softer, often much less invasive surgery. Last not least Botox® - treatment adds a powerful and non invasive weapon to the abundant armamentarium of plastic surgeons.

Forhead and brow region

Excellent results may be obtained by treatment with Botox-Cosmetics® (in Germany named Vistabel®). Sunken brows need surgical correction with a brow lift, performed without visible scars in the face. Upper and lower eyelids, "Baggy eyelids":Discussed elswhere: Eyelid surgery  -  Baggy eyelids


As mentioned above, the midface region benefits from expert analysis of the "what has happened to the fat?" question.Repositioning or adding lost or sunken fat is the clue for restoration of a younger, healthier and more natural expression. Modern techniques provide the armamentarium to obtain the natural, unoperated look. Before open midface surgery is considered, often less invasive treatments help in restoring the natural tissue balance. If open surgery is advisable, we most often perform a midface lift with the technique of Henry Delmar. Subperiosteal preparation of the midface through a subciliar approach is best performed in general anaesthesia.

Lower face and neck - MACS LIFT

Fatty jowls may well be adressed solely by meticulously perfomed liposuction. If additionally the skin is loose and saggy, a classical lower facelift technique is applied. In many cases the MACS lift technique will render excellent results with minimal scars. If the skin excess is enormous, and the skin elasticity impaired, a classical face lift will be indicated. The neck is adressed by a neck-lift, platysmal muscles are reunited and platysmal bands corrected. A youthful, well defined neck is the clue to an attractive face.

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