Fat grafting

Fat grafting: Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne)

Fat grafting is performed to the standards of Sidney Coleman who (re) invented and refined the technique of fat grafting. Basically, fat grafting is a small operation. Fat must be harvested, e.g. at the inner side of the knees, prepared and purified and subsequently injected to the recipient site with a meticulous technique. Ideally the grafted fat cells are all oxygenated by vital tissue until they are all incorporated. This said it is quite clear that even the most advanced technique will not have a 100% grafting success. Well done fat grafting therefore may be expected to have an outcome of 50% graft take. Those fat cells that survive the act of grafting survive PERMANENTLY.

Fat grafting seems to be the only advisable permanent graft. As the graft is taken from vital tissue of the same organism (autologous graft) there is never a rejection.

Fat grafting works for filling larger volume deficits in the face (e.g.midface), chin region and nasolabiel folds (deep filling). Additionally fat grafting is excellent for filling volume deficits elsewhere, e.g. after badly performed liposuction or for filling the labia majora (genital region) of elderly women.

The lastest news to fat grafting ist microfat or nanofat for superficial wrinkling.

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