Facial surgery in Köln (Cologne): Forum Klinik - Facelift, Eyelid surgery etc

The following chapters provide a comprehensive overview of the different procedures. Generally speking some trends can be discerned in Plastic and Aestetic Surgery of the aging face. Volumetric approaches supplement skin tightening procedures. Soft treatments with Botox and Hyaluronic acid as a filler have proven to be extremely effective in restoring beauty in the aging face. Most often, these treatments can help to delay surgical interventions. The beauty ofthese treatments is the unprecedented risk benefit ratio.

Just one word of caution here: never, ever let any doctor inject a so called "permanent filler" into your face!!!

Results of permanent fillers can be desastrous! Pure hyaluronic acid has proven its safety over a long period of time and is chemically identical to a natural substance in your body.

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