Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are a condition that gives a worn and sometimes sad look. The reason is a herniantion of retroorbital fat. If the condition is minuscule, hyaluronic acid treatment below the puffyness can conceal the puffy look. This would only work with minimal puffyness. In other cases, a lower blepharoplasty will solve the problem.

The lower blepharoplasty for puffy eyelids will adress the following items:

  • correction of skin excess
  • correction of tarsal weakness if necessary
  • correction of fat bulging 

The latter - correction of fat bulging - will nowadays include a fat transposition if needed. Fat is valuable; we do never resect it if it could be beneficial in a different place. Patients with puffy eyelids often have a combined problem: the puffyness and the dimple below, called tear trough deformity. This is where we put the excess fat, to create a smooth and natural midface.
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