Wrinkle treatment

Wrinkle Treatment with Fillers: Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne)

Basically we have two types of filler products at hand: Resorbable (non-permanent fillers) and the permanent fillers.

We discourage the use of so called permanent fillers, having seen and operated legions of patients with adverse reactions, such as permanent reddening and, worse, granuloma formation. Even though not all patients with permanent fillers must necessarily develop granulomas, the risk is always there.

At the FORUM KLINIK we never used permanent fillers and never will. Non permanent (resorbable) fillers are either based on hyaluronic acid or collagen. We have vast experience with hyaluronic acid fillers. At present we use the product range Allergan ®, producer of excellent hyaluronic acid (Juvederm ® and Surgiderm ®)

Duration of the filler varies according towhether the filler had to be injected deep or superficially. Hyaluronic acid fillers used for very superficial, fine wrinkles will not last as long as fillers for large volume defects in the midface. The former may be expected to last 6 months plus, whilst the latter may last up to two years.

Recent progress has been achieved with so called blunt cannulas for less traumatic, safe and soft procedures.
Fillers of hyaluronic acid are also used for lip augmentaion. we love the natural, unaugmented looking lips and are exceedingly precautious not to produce lips that look as if they were unnatural.

We kindly invite you to schedule a consultancy appointment in the Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne).

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