You are in good hands with the team of the Forum Klinik, specialist clinic for plastic surgery, one of the oldest aesthetic private clinics under unchanged management in Cologne.

Our spectrum includes aesthetic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and hand surgery.

Our goal in all aesthetic procedures is a natural appearance, as if unoperated. We use scar-saving and gentle, if possible minimally invasive techniques on the very latest level. If you want an unnatural, exaggerated or artificial-looking result, we are not the clinic you are looking for. This applies to all areas, but especially to nose surgery, breast augmentation and hyaluronic acid treatments. A truly successful result is one that looks attractive, but non-operated or non-treated. Under the selection in the menu bar you will find the basic information about the individual treatment methods. We would be happy to personalize the information in a face to face consultation with you.

We have a head start through high specialization: so we have set selective priorities within our team, so that you always get the best possible treatment.  Experience excellent consultation and treatment based on our decades of experience.

You can expect to feel in good hands with us!



Dr. Klaus Hebold

Dr. med. Klaus Hebold

Dr. med. Thomas Giel

Dr. med. Thomas Giel

The Forum Klinik Köln / Cologne is highly specialized in aesthetic plastic surgery

We focus on soft rejuvenating aesthetic procedures of the face, like so called BOTOX and Juvederm® treatment as well as the classic and advanced facial rejuvenating operations: the most popular are upper lid blepharoplasty and lower lid blepharoplasty. The latter is often combined with fat transpositioning to address puffy eyelids and facial depressions like the tear trough area. Classic facelift and necklift techniques still have their indications, however modern face rejuvenation in many cases can be done with limited scar approaches like the MACS lift technique, supplemented by autologous fat grafting.

One of or special fields of interest are rhinoplasties (nose operation), aesthetic and functional.
We have pioneered the endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation in Germany with the Delmar Method. This approach leaves no scars on the breast. Other frequent treatments are breast lifts, tommy tuck and liposuction.

We only offer treatments that we expertly perform frequently.

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