Patient comfort

Patient comfort and safety

Patient comfort and safety: Forum Klinik Köln (Cologne). We work hard to make your stay a pleasant and safe experience. Our quality statistics, covering all post op sequelae and complications meets the highest demands.

Additionally we recently introduced two new items in the operating theatre that will help improve comfort and safety.

First, we started warming all our patients during the intervention with a low-voltage, electronically monitored warming system that will not introduce a higher airflow (risk of bacterial contamination) as most systems do.

Second, thrombosis prophylaxis is performed or supplemented by an active vasocompressive device, a pump system attached to your calves that simulates pressure in the muscles of the lower leg as if you were walking. This system can work as sufficient prophylaxis in the lower risk group or be added to drug prevention of thrombosis in the higher risk group.

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